STD friends Reviews

STD Friends Review

Ranked amongst the top tier online dating websites, STD Friends aims to help people having sexually transmitted diseases in finding a true companion or friends. It offers a welcoming atmosphere to people affected from STD’s to connect and bond with like-minded people. Being free to join, it is a tremendous membership base, which makes it even more popular among people.

Membership Price:

  • The basic membership is free and offers members great features.

  • To avail special features members can upgrade to the premium subscription plans, which are mentioned below:

    For a month – $24.95.
    For 3 months – $54.95.
    For 6 months – $79.95.

  • The prices may change over time. For updated subscription, keep checking the website.


  • Allows members to create a free profile and add pictures.
  • Basic and advanced search allows members to search like-minded people.
  • Inbuilt email service and chat rooms allow members to communicate easily.
  • Befriend” feature allows members to add another member to their profile.
  • The option to comment and create a block or hotlist allows members to manage their account and create connections
  • Customer support and detailed FAQ helps members to solve their queries.

Performing a Search:

Offering numerous features to easily search for like-minded people, STD Friends offers different features under different plans. The search parameters of the website are stated below:

  • Age
  • Country
  • City
  • Relationship Preferences
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Height
  • Body Type
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Relationship Status
  • Religion
  • Smoking and Drinking habits
  • Children

Final Verdict:

Being a unique dating website that assists people ailing from STD to find similar people, STD Friends offers different plans to meet the needs and pocket of every member. With plans starting as low as $1, the website is easy to operate.

Users are granted their privacy by allowing them to control the visibility of their profile and pictures. Built on the similar lines of social networking websites like Facebook, it has features like Befriend, block list, hot list, like and comment.

With so many exclusive features on offer, STD Friends is thoughtfully created to ease the dating process for those having an STD. Gradually becoming a hot favorite among the community of STD infected people; STDFriends presently is low on membership base. But being easy to use, and offering different plans for everybody, it is attracting a lot of users.

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