Statistics about Genital Herpes

The thought that you are the only one who is effected with a sexually transmitted disease often disturbs the mind. The main cause of concern is that, they think that no one would date them ever again. If you are amongst those who have the same thoughts, read the below to know about some facts on this disease and also how to get back your love life.


Statistics about Genital Herpes

More than 1 million people living in the United States are falling victims to Genital herpes every year. It is not only you.

The quickest rate of growth of Genital Herpes is among those people between 12 and 19 years which is 5 times more when compared to those a couple of years ago.

More than 47 million which equals to more than 23% of population in the United States are effected with Genital Herpes.

Two thirds of new infections recorded are among those people who fall under the age of 25 and this is that chunk of population which is mostly getting effected.

A survey tells that one fourth of American population is effected with on or the other form of a sexually transmitted disease.

More than 75% of people effected by Genital herpes do not actually know that they are carrying the virus as they do not have visible symptoms.

So, now that you have learnt that you are not the only one effected with this disease and that there are more than 47 million sexually active people just like you, you have to think how you can start dating despite having Herpes.


Dating with herpes

If you want to let your new partner about your STD which was a result of your previous relationship, you can visit a Herpes dating site as there are millions of people who are members here and can help you get back love life for you.

The fear of pooling up courage to tell your partner that you have been effected with a sexually transmitted disease is totally gone on the herpes dating site. Also the fear of passing the disease to someone who is very dear to you is also gone.

If you are effected with herpes, it does not mean you cannot celebrate the purpose of being alive. If you visit a herpes dating site, you will know how easy it is to deal with the situation and very soon you can even have a partner with whom you can start dating. You will also know that there are many other people apart from you, who are living with herpes.

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