More Information about Herpes

According to the United States, one in six people among the population from 14 to 49 years are suffering from the problem of genital herpes infection. Luckily, since past few years, people have become aware of the widespread and 90% of the total population have accepted it.

What is Herpes actually??

Herpes is actually a simplex virus which is extremely common and a viral infection. The HSV causes cold sores, fever & oral herpes. cold sores generally refer to genital herpes. Even if the infection is not causing any signs and symptoms, it may cause later. Herpes is a kind of disease that is rarely dangerous and causes painful sores for people with suppresses immune system. Herpes plays a major role in the spread of HIV. Although there is no perfect cure for herpes, treatment is effective to control the disease. Even if herpes does not cause symptoms they are always active.

what is herpes

Pros and Cons of Herpes:

Herpes is one of the easily transmitted diseases, mostly by itching, touching the body by external ways and the mostly transmitted sexually. The sexually transmitted disease frightens people most.


  • Having herpes is not a big issue, and dating is common with herpes it is just a having the unpleasant condition of the skin.
  • Herpes dating is a silent approach and transmits slowly
  • By spreading it to most of the people so that you can get your partner easily and can be confident to have a date with them.
  • You can get support and help with most of the websites that provide you detailed information about herpes and guide you have the best partner who can support you.
  • You can prevent herpes by different measures that might decrease the chances of you having herpes.
  • feel comfortable to expose your relationship.


  • The pain of having herpes is more emotional than physical.
  • The pain of having herpes dating is different when compared to normal dating.
  • The sexually transmitted disease may lead to different arise of viruses.
  • There is no cure for herpes and this may affect your dating.
  • The virus starts to multiply with the skin cells leading to skin diseases.
  • Dating may increase the chances of spreading the disease.

Symptoms of Herpes

After the virus has transmitted the body symptoms are being developed.

  1. Small red bumps appear and the skin starts developing blisters and painful sores.
  2. Swollen glands
  3. A headache and Muscles ache.
  4. fever
  5. glands causing discomfort.
  6. cold sores around the lip area.
  7. Painful sores around the genital area.
  8. itching
  9. painful urination
  10. vaginal discharge for females mostly.

Types of Herpes

There are three different types of herpes and each one causing different diseases.

herpes virus 1

Herpes Virus 1

It is also known as simplex virus & HSV 1 causing the cold sores around the mouth and oral-genital contact.

Herpes Virus 2

It is known as simplex virus & HSV 2. It is typically caused by sexually transmitted infection. May also lead sores in the facial area.

Herpes Virus 3

It is the third type of herpes & HSV3 causing chickenpox can also cause infection on the skin like Herpes singles and may also lead to causing infectious mononucleosis which means kissing disease.

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