Living with Herpes

Living with Herpes and Herpes dating

Many people have a dreaded fear of being diagnosed with Genital Herpes. This comes from the false notion that these people are dirty and perverts. But know one thing that this is just a disease like any other and one-fifth of Americans are suffering from this disease.

If you have been diagnosed with Genital herpes, take a deep breath and don’t panic. Try to do some research about the disease. To relieve you from symptoms, there is medication which can also help in minimizing the amount of virus and also to bring down the outbreak frequency.

living with herpes

There are also chances that you might not show any symptoms of genital herpes even though you might have been exposed to the virus. Many people have genital herpes that actually does not show symptoms. This does not mean that it is not a serious issue as the disease can be transmitted even though you do not have any symptoms.

Remember, do not blame anyone else if you are diagnosed with Herpes. Many people do not know that they have herpes as they do not have any symptoms and your partner might be one among them. But, you cannot trust someone who has intentionally infected you with this virus.

Before blaming anyone else, think how much you are responsible for being effected with Herpes. Ask yourself

  1. Did I practice safe sex?
  2. Did I have any other sexual health problems?
  3. Does my partner have any STDs?
  4. What Should I Tell My Partner?

Starting a conversation and disclosing that you have genital herpes is a difficult one but this is very important. You can do this by showing that you are not that disturbed by knowing this news. Being aware of how this virus can be transmitted will help you not to pass it on to your partner. Ask your partner to visit a doctor and get tested.

Using condoms cannot guarantee you about not transmitting the herpes virus. However, continuous usage of female and male condoms will reduce the chance of transmitting. Going for suppressive therapy, you can lower the amount of virus in your body and you should always bear in mind that the virus can be transmitted even though you do not have any symptoms.

Can I have sex in future?

It is not necessary that your sex life is over if you have herpes. If you consistently follow safe sex methods like using condoms and avoiding sex when you have outbreaks, the chances of your partner getting affected are very low.

Herpes dating

It is very difficult to find partners if you are infected with herpes but don’t worry as there are herpes dating sites especially for people infected with herpes or any other STDs. Herpes dating to find someone for love is not really difficult. The only thing to remember is that you should follow safe sex techniques even though both of you have herpes.

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