Herpes and Relationship

There are certain personalized things about Herpes which every person with Herpes should know.

  1. If you discover that you have Herpes, you always have the fear that there is a chance that you might spread it to your partner. As the virus causing Herpes is very contagious, abstain yourself with having any kind of sexual intercourse with your partner. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after touching an outburst. Make sure you and your partner are fully aware of the situation. Be informed that Herpes can be transmitted even though you use a condom.

  2. Remember that when you talk to your partner about you having Herpes, make sure that both of you have enough time to discuss about this. Let your partner know that you have Herpes and that your worry can only worsen things. It is not a compulsion that everyone takes the situation or the news positively, but your attitude would make a difference about how your partner takes it.

It is very vital that you do not put your partner at risk of getting effected with herpes before telling them that you have it. It is good to get some support from a friend, if you get a negative answer. You can also take help from the herpes support group and feel sure that you have done the right thing by letting your partner know that you are carrying it regardless of their reaction.

If you found out that your sexual partner has Herpes and are in a thought that they must have lied to you, this could be probably wrong in many cases.

You have taken all the precautions and are very confident that you are not at risk of putting yourself of getting affected with an STD and after this, you come to know that your partner has Herpes. This kind of news is certainly shocking to you. But, know that there are many other things to consider before jumping to conclusions that you have Herpes.

Find out the following:

  1. Are you sure that your partner has Herpes?
  2. Does your partner know about this before?
  3. Did your partner think that if you take proper measures, you would not get effected?
  4. Does your partner know the seriousness of the disease?


It would be advised that you and your partner sit and discuss this situation and share your feelings. It would be foolish to damage a relationship just be jumping to unnecessary conclusions and fears.

If you are still not sure about this, it is good to visit a doctor and seek proper advice and care if needed.

If you have already known that you have been affected with Herpes and you are looking for a partner to restart your love life, visiting a Herpes dating site can soothe your feelings to a great extent as you can find millions of singles who are in pursuit of love there.

Dating with Herpes is also considered a healthy approach as 1 out of 4 Americans are affected with this disease. You are not the only one. So leave your fears and embarrassment and give a new kick start to your love life.

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