Genital Herpes

Covering the infected area with a condom when having sex can protect you from its virus and its spread.

It is good to ask if a person have had a sexually transmitted disease in the past because many people do not know that they are affected with Genital herpes. Even though this kind of a conversation is a very embarrassing, it is safe to know the truth as this would help in stopping the spread of Herpes or other STD’s.

There is a great chance that the virus carrying Herpes can affect people who have multiple sex partners. Remember that the more sexual partners, the more chances of getting effected to Herpes and vice verse.

If you even doubt that someone has Genital Herpes, stop yourself from having sex with them. If you find symptoms like a sore on their genitals, it is advised that you don’t have sec with them even though they deny it. Also keep in mind that it is difficult to find the symptoms in some people.

Herpes can be passed to your genitals if you encourage having oral sex with someone who has oral herpes which is a situation where you can find cold sores of fever blisters in their mouth.

If you find any symptoms of Genital Herpes in your partner, advice him or her to visit the doctor and get tested. It would be safer if you too go for the tests as well.

The reflexes of people who are drunk or who are under drug effect are not proper. As these people lack judging capacity and will be unable to follow safe sex rules, a geed chance of genital herpes spread is possible.

Having only one sex partner who has no sexually transmitted disease and is monogamous is the only way to be fully far from STDs.

If you can have sex without genital – genital contact or oral – genital contact, you will be far from sexually transmitted diseases. Also don’t try mutual masturbation.

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