Genital Herpes Treatment

Genital herpes is a common type of sexually transmitted disease, which occurs due to an infection of the genitals, wherein the vulva and vagina in women or penis in men get infected by the herpes simplex virus. There have been noticed that while some people show the symptoms of the diseases at an early stage, some do not show at all. This leads to complete ignorance as then the patient does not get to know about his or her condition. The common symptoms vary from blisters to mild soreness in and around the genital organs.

genital herpes

It is a big decision to date herpes single, as once taken there need to be followed certain preventive measure to make sure that you do not get infected by the virus. Depending upon the type of herpes you are infected by, there are few treatment techniques which can render relief from the symptoms and also prevent the infection from spreading. There are two different techniques, which are advised by the doctors for the prevention of genital herpes. One is Antiviral treatment, whereas the other is natural treatment.

Antiviral Treatment: This is the kind of treatment, which is implemented for the cure of various types of genital herpes in which the antiviral medicines suggested by the doctor are valaciclovir, famciclovir and aciclovir. The intake of these medicines curbs the virus from increasing in the body. Although they do not remove the virus completely, they tend to lessen the pain and discomfort caused due to the symptoms of genital herpes.

Among the three different kind of medicines used in the antiviral treatment, the oldest one is Acyclovir, which is suggested to be taken 5 times in a day, whereas Valacyclovir and Famciclovir are newer ones and are advised to be taken 3 times in a day.

Natural Treatment: Apart from the Antiviral treatment, there is also a Natural treatment used for the cure of symptoms of Genital Herpes. Researchers have shown that the extract of echinacea plant helps relieving the symptoms of genital herpes. The extracts that are taken from the plant boost the immunity of the body, which thereby strengthens it to fight against the infection.

In another finding, it was revealed that an ointment which contains propolis that is a waxy substance obtained from the honeybees when applied to the infected area also provides relief from pain and sores.  The ointment needs to be applied 4 times in a day to heal the sores that arise due to infection.

Another natural treatment remedy is an herb called Prunella Vulgaris, which is a kind of edible mushroom that is filled with chemicals, which fights both HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus.

Both these treatments have different kind of healing effect. Based on your present condition and doctor’s advice you can opt for these and get relief from the symptoms of Genital Herpes.

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