Facts about Genital Herpes

83% of people who are herpes affected are unaware of the fact that they are carrying this deadly virus. Another fact is that stress is the main reason for the immediate outbreak of active herpes. Though avoiding stress is the best way of preventing Genital herpes, there are many medications available. If you want to know more about genital herpes, read the following.

Genital Herpes – causes

HSV-2 (Herpes simplex virus) is the main and the major cause of Genital Herpes. The appearance of cold sores is primarily caused by HSV-1. The occurrence of this type is less. Genital herpes is the result of getting engaged in oral sex with a partner who is infected with HSV-1.

What is the frequency of the outbreaks?

The strength of your immune system is the factor that tells how you respond to the virus of herpes. It is this factor that there are some people who suffer from cold sores and some do not. If you have other health issues like HIV or cancer, you are prone to outbreak frequencies of herpes as your immune system is of a compromised one.

How long you have been suffering from the virus is another factor that decides the frequencies of the outbreaks. The frequency of outbreaks would be lesser if you have been living with the virus for a long time and vice versa. If the location of the virus is at the same place and is not changing, the intensity of pain would be greater. This is also another factor that decides about you being reactive to it.

Food consciousness during Herpes

Although Famvir and Valtrex are the two drugs to lessen the infection caused by Herpes virus, there are also certain measures to be taken concerning to diet. If you are sure that you have Herpes, the diet like Eggs, beef, chicken, Dutch and Swiss cheese, plain yogurt, soya beans, brewer’s yeast, goat milk, papaya and beets which are high in arginine and lysine content which slows down the growth of Herpes virus. The intake of foods like coffee, nuts, and chocolate should be stopped as they have a high content of Arginine.

Is male genital herpes more common or the female one?

A statistics tell that herpes affects more to sexually active women than sexually active men. The spread of Herpes from male to female is easier than the spread from female to male.

Viral shedding – What is it?

The simplex virus that is present on your skin has the quality of being transmitted and this is called viral shedding. This does not have any symptoms of Herpes which can be seen. A doctor can tell you more about viral shedding and suggest you measure on how not to transmit it to your partners.

When can I be fully cured?

Herpes cannot be completely cured but anti-viral drugs usage can give you relief from pain. It is good to consult a doctor if you experience an active outbreak.

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